Juice WRLD – Don’t Got Time Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Hit-Boy Max Lord look like “Oh, it’s one of those” Look foe, Max look Huh, uh I’ma just kick back and sip my tea nigga Hot tea [Chorus] I’m sick and tired of the hoes on my line I’ma Tony Hawk a song, ’cause I’m on my grind Bitch I transform up in that ghost,

Vic Mensa – Rollin’ Like A Stoner

[Verse 1] Rollin’ like a stoner, I don’t care about everything Out of control, I forgot to take my medicine If I take this pill, will that be the death of me? I am a disaster, I don’t need a recipe Tried to be sober, that didn’t work for me I don’t know your name,

Section Boyz – Army Lyrics

[Chorus: Swift] Came with the gang on the set Walk in like the army How could a gyal be peng And try walk past me? Came to your ends with my friends And I know that’s jarring Free up my friends who got locked By the bloodclart ‘rali, ‘rali, ‘rali That’s jarring ‘Rali, ‘rali, ‘r-

21 Savage – Mind Yo Business (Slaughter King Mixtape) letras

[Verse 1] I can tell these nigga’s scared the way they talk Gold pyrex, I put diamonds on my fork Pull up on your block, white chalk Chopper bullets skate, Tony Hawk I’ma cut your fingers off if you shout Pop a perc, hit the cup, nigga pause Hundred round drum, round of applause Bitches