Workers at the port of Amsterdam refused to unload a ship with oil from Russia

In turn, the Dutch authorities stated that they have no legal grounds to prohibit the vessel from entering the port, since the tanker sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands

Amsterdam port workers said they would not unload Sunny tanker Liger with Russian oil. Earlier, employees of the Port of Rotterdam also refused to unload the ship. This was reported by the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NOS).

According to the Vesselfinder vessel tracking system, the oil tanker Sunny Liger is sailing from Primorsk and is located 40km off the coast of the Netherlands. According to the agency, the union convinced port workers not to participate in the unloading of the ship. The day before, workers at the Port of Rotterdam also refused to accept the tanker.

The municipality of Amsterdam, which is the sole shareholder of the port, said that they consider the unloading of the Sunny Liger tanker undesirable. “We support the workers of the port”, — said the mayor of the city, Femke Halsema. At the same time, the Dutch authorities said that they have no legal grounds to prohibit the ship from entering the port, since the tanker sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands and does not fall under EU sanctions, according to NOS.

On April 8, the European Union imposed new sanctions against Russia, including a ban on ships flying the Russian flag from entering EU ports and restrictions on Russian and Belarusian companies to transport goods through the EU, including transit. Later, the Federal Customs Service (FCS) reported that the EU countries had stopped letting trucks registered in Russia and Belarus pass. The UK did not exclude this either.

Earlier, the authorities of Canada, Norway, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria banned Russian ships from entering their ports. Later, US President Joe Biden announced a similar decision. According to him, this will deprive Russia of “the advantages of the international economic system, which she has so enjoyed in the past.”

First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, in response to the sanctions, said that Western countries are trying to isolate Russia through four rings of blockade: financial, trade, transport and humanitarian, but this is impossible. “It is impossible to isolate Russia, the world's sixth largest economy, from the global economic system. And the events of the last month and a half clearly testify to this, — the First Deputy Prime Minister is convinced.

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